The blockchain-based multi-asset trading network.

Global trading is stuck in the past

Online brokers revolutionised trading by connecting retail traders with the markets. This works through a network of intermediaries, all taking a cut of the pie. Blockchain is now making this model obsolete.

The Problems


With so many intermediaries involved, global trading creates credit and financial risk.


Traditional broker models can have undue influence on both price-making and trade execution.


Global trading is stuck in models that are decades old, resulting in lack of flexibility.


Transferring funds to the broker’s account adds an unnecessary element of risk.

TradeConnect will bring trading to the future

Decades of financial award-winning experience have led to the development of a cutting edge trading network that will change the world of trading forever. Based on the Blockchain, TradeConnect will allow traders to trade any financial asset instantly and without intermediaries.

The TradeConnect solution


TradeConnect connects traders to a global digital trading pit, where the only commission paid is a connection fee, where traders receive rewards in return for adding liquidity in the system.


The innovative technology in TradeConnect will lead to a network with a level of flexibility the markets have never seen before. Digital Personas and unique cutting edge AI are just the beginning.


TradeConnect will allow individuals and institutions to trade directly with one another, taking out intermediares and creating a balanced playing field where players large and small trade as equals.


Thanks to the Blockchain participants will have full access and direct control over their funds and assets. Every contract is verifiable on the network and automatically settles.


TradeConnect Beta on app stores

To showcase our progress, we have made the demonstration version of TradeConnect available for download.

Project Status


Internal Blockchain

Updated 21/08/2018

Smart Contract Development / Management

Updated 04/09/2018

System API / Middleware Management

Updated 04/09/2018

Mobile Trading Application - Alpha

Updated 19/10/2018

Desktop Trading Application - Beta

Updated 19/10/2018

Desktop Trading Application - Alpha

Updated 19/10/2018

Web Trading Application

Updated 05/11/2018

Crypto Wallet & Custody Integration

Updated 21/11/2018

Non-Crypto Wallet & Custody Integration

Updated 21/11/2018

Backoffice Administration Portal

Updated 03/12/2018

Customer Portal

Updated 03/12/2018

In progress

Order Matching / Exchange

Updated 14/08/2018

Pending deployment



December 21, 2018

Mobile Trading Application - Beta

November 04, 2018

TradeConnect Design Study


The team

Dedicated Staff23
Offices Worldwide04
Combined experience240
Fintech experience150

Executive Team

Mark Gosha
Chief Operating Officer
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Mark brings over ten years of experience in financial operations with a mix of technical, business analysis, and project management skills. As an early member of ThinkMarkets, Mark has been involved in the establishment, global expansion, and continued success of the company.
Harshad Kale
Chief Financial Officer
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Harshad is Chartered Accountant with over fifteen year experience in listed and private companies. He is currently member of Board and working with ThinkMarkets since 2014. Harshad has delivered key finance control function, managing business growth and driving efficiency. He has advised group on Strategy, Corporate Governance and Structures that deliver long term financial goals and drive enterprise value.
Naeem Aslam
Chief Market Analyst, TradeConnect
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A former hedge fund trader at Bank Of New York and portfolio manager at ITC with more than a decade’s trading experience, Naeem is a regular guest on Bloomberg, CNN and other major outlets, and maintains a column for Forbes. He has lectured at the LSE, Warwick University and the University of Leeds, and regularly delivers keynote addresses at events and conferences around the world alongside senior financial and political officials. He is a member of the Global Blockchain Alliance, an organisation dedicated to encouraging blockchain uptake.
Mahmood Allahham
Director of Sales, MENA
| More >
Mahmood joined ThinkMarkets group in 2015 after several years working in forex at some of the UAE’s most prestigious firms. With a career spanning over 12 years in the markets, he has developed a wealth of experience in sales, trading in a huge variety of financial products, and both technical and fundamental analysis. This includes relevant positions at a variety of other companies in the sector.
Caroline Olsen
Marketing & Social Media Manager
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Caroline is a social media expert with years of experience in driving digital engagement and creating broad brand awareness with exciting and fresh content strategies.
Jacob Galea
Head of Sales, APAC
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Jacob currently manages Premium (HNW) accounts, specializing in managing relationships with HNW individuals and IB management. He is active in expanding his client book and monthly trade volume. With a broad interest in distributed ledger and blockchain technology, he is active in this new technology as an early adopter.

Strategic Advisors

Todd Ruppert
CEO (ret), T.Rowe Price Global Investment Services
| More >
Retired as CEO of T. Rowe Price Global Investment Services, co-president of T. Rowe Price International and CEO of Ruppert International, Todd is now a serial fintech investor and advisor. With expertise in education, financial services, disruptive technologies, publishing, arts and entertainment and strategy consulting, Todd brings a wealth of knowledge to our advisory board.
Marek Kirejczyk
Blockchain Developer & Advisor,
| More >
A blockchain engineer and consultant, Marek co-founded blockchain focused software house EthWorks and currently harnesses blockchain technology to create transparent supply chains as lead developer at Ambrosus. An Ethereum evangelist, Marek is also the founder of Ethereum Meetup Poland and author of ethereum.rb library.
Hirander Midra
| More >
Hirander Misra is Chairman and CEO of GMEX Group, the industry-leading provider of exchange and post-trade services. He is also Co-Founder, Chairman and interim CEO of MINDEX – The international derivatives and commodities exchange underpinned by blockchain technology
Jay Best
Chairman, Cogni Capital
| More >
Dr. Best is an expert in cryptopayments, ICOs and dapps (censorship-resistant decentralized applications, platforms, marketplaces, services and exchanges). Named top crypto strategist in the UK, seasoned board advisor, he pioneered decentralized systems and deep learning at MIT, and now spends most time as a lecturer, impact investor and advisor in the crypto space, having facilitated investments of more than $680M.
Paul Hill
Non-Executive Director, ThinkMarkets
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With a successful background in leading equities and derivatives organisations both in the UK and Australia, Paul is now a strategic consultant within the financial services space, and since 2012 has consulted for a range of fintech operations as they have expanded into new marketplaces.
Lidia Dumatrascu
Partner, VentureBoost Group
| More >
After working as portfolio manager, analyst and trader in financial series, Lidia became an entrepreneur and eventually growing one of her ventures into a multi-million GBP company, Carmina has partnered with Dr Jay Best, an MIT computer scientist and innovation strategist to found VentureBoost and to explore how blockchain technology can serve as a foundation for the sharing economy. Together with our team, we build technology that makes distributed ledgers easy to use, secure, and future-proof.
Sena Gbeckor-Kove
Blockchain & Distributed Applications Advisor, ananse
| More >
Sena is a highly experienced technologist who has specialised in taking innovations from the drawing board to users’ hands and ensuring their needs are met. ananse, his previous startup, delivers end-to-end encryption to clients in fintech, communications and IOT verticals. He advises several AI and blockchain startups, and provides tech oversight at a crypto and blockchain incubator.
Natallia Hunik
Global Head of Sales, Advanced Markets LLC & Fortex, Inc.
| More >
Natallia is a sales and marketing executive who quickly identifies opportunities to expand efforts and outcomes in global settings. She brings expertise in international business development, in particular across Asian markets, and has experience in financial services, fixed income, and enterprise sales. She consistently produces multimillion-dollar results with an eye for ongoing revenue generation opportunities and key partnerships.

Technology Team

Atanas Tashev
Head of Mobile Team
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An iOS and C# frontend developer for both mobile and desktop, Atanas has worked for more than ten years at Riflexo, The company has developed custom trading applications for banks, brokerage companies and financial information providers, including charting front-ends, mobile apps, desktop trading applications, technical analysis indicators, market analytical tools, financial websites and investment publications
Hristo Katsarski
Senior Java Developer
| More >
A developer and engineer with more than twenty years experience, Hristo is also technical director of Riflexo, a software development company that specialises in real-time financial applications. Riflexo’s institutional clients include top-tier US banks, and the company serves a community of over 450,000 individual traders world-wide.
Panayot Stoyanov
Head of Design & UI/UX
| More >
Panayot is a passionate and versatile product designer focused on solving complex problems in the financial services industry. He successfully integrates the latest user experience trends with a strong minimalist visual language and pixel-perfect design. His natural drive for perfection helps him develop complete user journey flows and create end-to-end working prototypes. As a proven professional, Panayot accurately manages to develop wireframes, flowcharts and design specifications creating the relevant documentation for the development team.
Aldin Music
IT Engineering Manager
| More >
With over 15 years of experience designing and implementing cutting-edge networks, Aldin leads technical innovation in the company. He has certifications ranging from Cisco Certified Network Associate (CCNA) and Microsoft Certified IT Professional (MCITP), and is skilled at identifying emerging threats, addressing security vulnerabilities, and designing layered security policies.
Strahil Shorgov
Senior Software Developer
| More >
Strahil joined Riflexo as a software developer and worked on both in-house proprietary projects and contractor projects for financial institutions. For eight years he’s built mobile, desktop and web solutions with various technologies using mainly java (on Android) and C# (on Windows). He deploys data analysis and performance algorithms, implementing complex charting solutions and analytical tools and indicators.
Atanaska Ilieva
Web & Digital Designer
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Atanaska Ilieva is a web designer with more than six years’ professional experience. She has been actively involved in website creation, with main focus on brand recognition. She proactively conducts research to identify opportunities for improving companies’ web presence. Partnering with UI designers and web developers, eliminating misleading labels and unnecessary clicks she manages to translate navigation and process flows into beautiful and easy-to-use solutions. Atanaska also has experience in delivering various marketing creatives: landing pages, banners, social media assets and communication email templates.
Chris Purtill
Technology Advisor
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A software professional with more than a decade of experience, Chris has worked across financial risk management, mobile app development, software analytics and custom development projects for a wide range of enterprise applications.

About us

TradeConnect is the revolutionary new trading platform built on the blockchain.